My name is Aouatif, mother of four loves born in 2008, 2012, 2018 and 2020, I am passionate about positive education and a follower of alternative pedagogies, and more particularly of Montessori and Charlotte Mason pedagogies. We have chosen free education in order to live in harmony with our faith and our ideas, but also for the respect of our values, and for the greatest happiness and fulfillment of all!

Our Mission

My main role is to help moms understand that motherhood isn’t the end of the road, it’s just the beginning. My support is simply a gateway to your success!


The day I gave birth was the best day of my life!
I discovered an even greater love than I imagined.

The delivery and breastfeeding went very well and were nothing but happiness for me; everything came naturally, by pure maternal instinct.

But when my son turned 1 and started running and exploring, everything got more complicated. I wanted him to be well-behaved, but also happy and fulfilled. However, to achieve this, it is necessary to be a caring parent and this does not pass through a traditional education based on force, punishment and fear.

I thus began to read, to document myself well and to train myself. Indeed, positive parenting is learned.

After a few years, my son’s needs became more important. The attachment to my child has also grown. I wanted him to take advantage of his early years to play in nature. During this period, my thoughts and beliefs about the idea of ​​ »growing up freely » fell into place.

When my son was 4 years old, we started learning to read. It was then that I understood that the path would be too long and complicated.

At first, we managed to teach him the alphabet in both languages; because we are indeed a bilingual family, French-Arabic. But then, I quickly realized that my studies, my experience and all this work done upstream, would not be enough.
It was a chaotic year: it was difficult to manage school at home, the arrival of a second baby, the house etc.

So I started to read many books and that’s where I discovered Maria Montessori’s pedagogy which I put into practice with my two children, using her teaching materials.
This has changed the way we do school at home: learning has become a real joy, natural too.

Little by little, I studied other positive pedagogies, and that’s when I discovered Charlotte Mason’s pedagogy thanks to which I adopted with my two children because I find that she is very close to our values.


« Growing up freely » has been our path for years. But it’s only been a year since I decided to translate our journey through this blog.

My first objective is above all to share, to exchange with you around education, whether you are IEF parents or not. I also want to tell there what we are going to live and keep a trace of these wonderful moments, like a notebook of life that I can then open with my children when they grow up. I also want to help new moms in the adventure of homeschooling.

Similarly, I have noticed during my journey in Arabic and religion, a great lack of resources and tools in Arabic for Muslim families. This is a point that encouraged me to share with you my creations based on Montessori pedagogy.



I hope that visiting my Blog will give you the opportunity to leave happy and confident in this precious role of teaching your children.

If you have a few minutes, please take the time to leave a comment. It may help to enrich this Blog. I believe that each of us has something to contribute to the building, and the Blog will only be richer for it!

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