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Children should build their knowledge directly from living books, which Charlotte calls “living books”. What are Living Books? -The living books are written by an author passionate about the subject. -A living book is pleasant to read, it is not a chore: it must appeal to children. -The ideas that are there must cause small pleasant impacts on their minds, they must inspire them. (Laffon, Laura. Charlotte Mason pedagogy 1). ♥ Our list of living books ♥ Charlotte Mason


My first story of Belgium by Bernard Coppens and Alain Jourdan le clercq
My first story the kings of the Belgians by Bernard Coppens and Alain Jourdan le clercq
Discovering Belgium by David and Alain Jourdan le clercq
The history of Belgium in 100 images by Eugène Warmenbol
The Middle Ages, the great imagery
The 1939-1945 war, the great imagery
The 1914-1918 war, the great imagery
The Great Montessori Stories: The history of numbers, the history of writing/the library of schools
The history of famous women/the school bookstore
The war of the trenches, the hell of the hairy, the thread of history told by Ariane & Nino
The Gauls, sacred ancestors, the thread of history told by Ariane & Nino
The Cheops pyramid, the wonder of the world, the thread of history told by Ariane & Nino
Albert Einstein, a genius physicist, the thread of history told by Ariane & Nino
Two sons of the great war, Gerard Hubert-Richou
The true story of Macel , soldier during the First World War
The mammoth and the chestnut, Jean-Côme Noguès
Ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, ancient civilizations, ancient Rome/discovering history


World Atlas of Dinosaurs and Other Extinct Animals
The Earth, Great Imagery
The Planets, Great Imagery
Boeck’s First Atlas Around
the World in Eighty Days, Jules Vernes
Loulou leaves for England, Josette Chichepotiche
Hello New York, claudette Bull -Buttay
Hello London, Claudette Bull -Buttay
Hello Scotland, Claudette Bull-Buttay


Small Lessons of things, my first science book /the school bookstore
Discovery of the world /school bookstore
My large Montessori notebook for the discovery of the world
The herbarium of leaves by Nicole Bustarret and Laurence Bar
Let’s walk in the woods – A herbarium and a guide by Anne Thomas-Belli and Tinou le Joly Sénouville
Small animals, George McGavain
Plants, great imagery
The body, great imagery
animals, plants: the collection of science told to children.
To learn how to read

My first alphabet, Agnès Rosenstiehl
The great Montessori picture book of sounds and rough graphemes
My first Montessori readings, on the farm, in the forest …by Anais Galon and Christine Nougarolles
I start reading with Martine: Martine a pony treasure, Martine rides on horseback…


Agnès Rosenstiehl’s numbers
My Montessori workshop notebooks: mathematics Mathematics
method Singapore, the school library
Maths and mosquito/de boeck


An effective method to give children a taste for reading: Cosette’s doll, The little match girl
The jungle book by Rudyard Kipling
The president of the savannah by Bénédicte Carboneill
In the forest with the fairy Danae! by Judith Pincemin
Gen A Dog in Tsunami Hell by Yuiko Tsuno
Puss in Boots by Charles Perrault Tom
Thumb by Charles Perrault
Louis Braille, Child of the Night by Margaret Davidson
Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe
Album, Martine by Gilbert Delahaye and Marcel Marlier
Heidi by Johanna Spyri
The Adventures of Tintin by Hergé
Meeting Ibn Sina, the Prince of Scientists by Loïc LEPART and Emmanuel CERISIER
Meet Salah ad-dine, the conqueror of Loïc LEPART and Emmanuel CERISIER


My little history of art by Eva Bensard and Fransoua
The arts of the renaissance under François 1er by Anne Terral and Edwart Vignot
My first Montessori activity book by Lydie Barusseau
Les Petits Montessori: I learn English by d’Esclaibes Sylvie and Noemie d’Esclaibes
Mon grand imagier: Trilingual dictionary: Arabic – French – English/Orientica

Short story: the Silly Sheepdog, tractor in trouble…/Usborne farmyard tales
My first 1000 French-Dutch words


The Koran explained to children/Tawhid
the animals of the Koran told to children/Tawhid
99 Names of Allah to go to Paradise/the sana bookstore
40 Hadiths… 40 Stories…/Orientica
The rightly guided imams/the Sana bookstore
Stories of the Prophets told by The Koran: Jesus, Youcef,…/Sana
The great book of the life of the prophet Muhammad/Orientica
The Companions told to children/the Sana bookstore
The way of the little Muslim/Orientica
The four rightly guided caliphs/the Sana bookstore
the tajwid (chanting ) explained to children/the Sana bookstore

Arabic living books

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